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is a Drum and Bass, Dubstep music, Hip Hop, Rap and anything else that we feel is good music management, promotion Company and recording Label run by J-Damm (Gordon Broughton)Westworld Recordings has been running under many different guises since 1989, it has been Dnbjungle since 2001, in 2008 we realised that we needed an outlet for artists that were not doing Drum and Bass and so the concept for Westworld recordings was born.We have worked with alot of top DJs and record labels, we have done alot of clubnights raves, outdoor parties etc. Westworld Recordings has alot of very experienced DJs and we are well travelled, having worked in clubs in Colchester, London, Oxford, Plymouth, Cornwall, the clubs we have played at and had promotions in is quite extensive, from the Essex University to the Dance Accademy in Plymouth. Our Larger events incude the Kit Hill Dance Festival and Cadsonbury Dance Festival, we have quite a large following of supporters that are very well behaved and really appreciate our nights.In recent years J-Damm has diversified, and started making hip hop, Dubstep and other styles of Urban Music, Teaming up with Rappers Demonic-D and K , is an Urban music networking site, set up by J-Damm so producers can upload there music and play their music and videos to the general public, and network with people that are into, Drum and Bass, Dubstep Hip Hop grime and other styles of Urban music.J -Damm is also the assistant manager for Dangerous New Age records a rapidly growing DnB Label, which is one label that supplies J-Damms music, so any up and coming producers send your music to Clubs We have done promotions in Include,Lakota, Motion Bristol, The Bass Box London, The Candystore Plymouth, The Hub Plymouth, Favellas Plymouth, Roots Club Oxford, Essex University Colchester, Maggies Plymouth, Voodoo Lounge Plymouth, Cooperage Plymouth, Roller Express North London, Alive Studios Wadebridge, Clipper Bar CamborneAnd many moreWe have booked acts likeJ Magic, LTJ Bookham, Keaton, Randall, Moving Fusion, Kenny Ken, Liam Howlet (Prodigy), Nicky Blackmarket, Ellis D,Dr S Gatchet and many more. In 2011 J-Damm linked up with Chris Morris and his company is now the sole Distributer for Chris Morris the founding member of 70s super star band Paper Lace. we are also heading the the UK team for Omar Wilson who is doing some great work with DMX bringing another great Artist into the world,ArtistsWest World Recordings bringing to you some of the, freshest new artists from around the world, Demonic-D Omar Wilson, Mac Wilson, both from the USA,Kwazack and many more,Specialising in Hip Hop Drum and Bass, Dubstep, but if you make good original music hit us up, we know what good music is and we might be able to do something for you.West Recordings bringing some great artists to you…………………………..